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Mission & Vision

To empower people and build capacities for self sustenance

Who We Are

The Social Lab (TSL) is a purpose driven social organization working towards elimination of poverty & hunger, reduction in road accidents, improvement of education, skilling population & promoting entrepreneurship etc. We envisage social change through an integrated holistic approach that entangles with data science, technology, research, empirical formulation and management techniques.

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We truly believe that access to quality education universally is a human right. We work to create and strive better learning environment, infrastructure and opportunities which encourage holistic participation, communication, research and critical thinking into practice.

Community Development

We believe in the theory of change to manifest better living standards by empowering people with relevant skills, jobs, entrepreneurial abilities. We also promote women enterprises and behaviour change by making continuous efforts.


Good Healthcare is a universal right and should be accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, in many Asian countries, the rural households are deprived of healthcare let alone good healthcare.

Road Safety

In today's world, road and transport has become an integral part of every human being. Everybody is a road user in one shape or the other. The present transport system has minimized the distances, but it has on the other hand increased the life risk. Every year road crashes result in loss of lakhs of lives and serious injuries to crores of people.

Impact Assessment & Surveys

An intent or investment without action or output is useless. We undertake impact assessment across the life-cycle of the project and surveys to map the aim and output of the project.

Reporting & Compliance

Epitome of being relevant, connected and complied is of utmost importance today with the stakeholders & Government. Our services of know how of reporting and beyond compliance ethical standards engages all stakeholders.

We translate commitment into realityProfessionally - Imaginatively - Comprehensively